Designfenzider, Contemporary Conceptual Design

Designfenzider, Ron Gilad, VaseMaker.
Designer: Ron Gilad
Material: Porcelain
Size: 6"x6" h. 2.5"
Cat #0100101394
Patent Pending
Estimated US S&H:
quantity 1-8: $12-$25
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VaseMaker dissects the classic vase into its two functional elements: Support for the flower and a container for the water that sustains it. VaseMaker is a ‘half-function’ object which is designed and redesigned each time it is placed upon a vessel and leaves space for the imagination and for the participation of the user.
* Vessel not included.
*Part of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art collection
*Red Dot International Design Award winner
*Conduit National Design award of distinction
*US patent D482637