Designfenzider, Contemporary Conceptual Design

Designfenzider, Ron Gilad, Fruit Bowl No. 4.
Fruit Bowl No. 4
Designer: Ron Gilad
Material: Painted metal, silicon feet
Size: w. 23”(58cm) X 3.5”(9cm) h. 3.75”(9.5cm)
Cat #0100301095
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This series of fruit bowls represents a structural reduction of the earlier 1/2/3 bowls. 1/2/3 were deconstructions of the container concept describing just a surface and border. 4/5/6/7/8 further simplifies this process by reducing the support surface by combining the border with the support functions to create one structure that does both.
This procedure produced a new species of fruit bowls, or rather “fruit stands”, as the “bowl” has vanished through the reduction process, leaving a lucid structure.